Ming Da Dynasty Legato Phono Stage




The new handsome and striking Dynasty Legato Phono stage has been developed to be one of best valve “Phono Stages” available in the market today, the Legato is suitable for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, coupled by the highest quality British made input transformers. A separate low noise, choke filtered, Valve regulated power supply featuring twin valve rectifiers, extra smooth & silent twin choke smoothing contributes to low noise figures of ≥90dB for MM and ≥78dB for MC, as well as accurate RIAA equalisation.  

The Legato makes use of the famous and reliable 6922's in cascode mode and 12AU7 double triodes, along with Jensen audiophile coupling capacitors, to keep the music as clean, uncoloured and original as practically possible.

The new all aluminium cast chassis reduces resonance effects, most important for a Phono stage. 


Finished in a gorgeous brushed bronze aluminium colour. 

The Front panel provides an input selector switch for MM and MC and output level control. The power is switched On/Off from the separate cable coupled power supply unit, specifically located remotely to help reduce hum and noise levels to further enhance the listening experience from your turntable.  

Together all these special design features contribute to a typical sensitivity of 4.0mV for Moving Magnet cartridges and 0.2mV sensitivity for Moving Coil cartridges


MM input impedance 47KΩ

MM input sensitivity 4.0mV  

MM gain figure  60dB

MM Signal/noise ratio 90dB

MC input impedance 100Ω

MC input sensitivity  0.2mV

MC gain figure  80dB

MC Signal/noise ratio  78dB

Output impedance  100kΩ

Power input    240Vac

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