Grado SR125e




Grado have created a reputation for headphones that combine lightness, rigidity and superior internal damping, and those traits are put to good use in the Grado SR125e earphones.

Based on the same design as the Grado SR80e headphones, the Grado SR125e headphones improve on the former set with superior drive and cable design, which utilizes UHPLC (Ultra-high purity, long crystal) copper voice coil wire. With this 8 conductor cable design you'll notice improved control and stability of the upper and lower ranges of the frequency spectrum. Combine that with Grado's world famous mid-range control and, well, you've got a superb set of headphones. If you've heard the older Grado SR125i or Grado SR125 models, you'll have some idea of the quality of this headset.

Additionally, the driver's diaphragms are put through a unique 'de-stressing' process which enhances inner detail, including making bass, midrange and treble more open for a finer tonal spread and balance.

The Grado SR125e headphones are an open back on-ear headphone design, and comes with a 1/4 jack means that can be plugged in to any modern hi-fi system, and an included 3.5mm adapter means they're equally comfortable on the go.

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