Expressive Audio Reference Interconnect


Length: 50cm


Our reference interconnect is hand-made to order by our specialist technicians in West London.  We have selected the materials based on technical measurements and blind listening tests against industry favourites including Chord Company, Van Den Hul, and Nordost.  We believe our cable represents sensible value and excellent performance, and strikes a balance between the crazy pseudo-science of the ultra-expensive snake oil vendors, and the traditional free rubbish that used to come in the box.

Because we recognise the need to be flexible, we don't sell our cables in pairs - we sell them as individual "patch leads", so if you need to mix and match, or need an odd number of cables, it's easy to do so.

Our cables are measured and tested before passing QA, and are suitable for all 75 ohm purposes, so are fine for digital use as well as analogue.

If you need a length beyond 7m, just get in touch - we can make cables to any length. 

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