Chord Electronics Mojo Hardcase




*Mojo pictured for reference only. This is just the protective case. 

This genuine Chord Electronics case is made from a super strong, soft to the touch, polyurethane material with a nice plush microfibre interior to hold your Mojo snug. Wrapped around the outside is a beautiful leather wrap with trendy Mojo decal. Everything is secured with a double catch and a series of magnets, so nothing is going anywhere, even when dropped from your pocket. As an extra layer of protection, included is a removable hand-strap to help you grip onto your Mojo.

Protects your Mojo from scrapes, bumps, falls, and increased G-Force.

Provides a secure cradle for Mojo to sit in where the extra clearance around buttons stops unwanted presses.

An optional (included) hand-strap provides extra security.

The partially open-ended design allows instantaneous access to all inputs and outputs.

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