Trichord Dino NC Never Connected Power Supply Unit




The finest upgraded power supply to match any Trichord Dino phono stage. Opens up the music to allow your phono stage to reach its maximum potential. It is a significant upgrade over the standard Dino power supply, and even better still than the upgraded Dino + power supply.

‘Never Connected Dino+’ DC Power Supply

The NCPSU has completely different electronics to the standard ‘Dino+’ power supply.. Instead of an oversized toroidal transformer, there is a PCB mounting variety followed by our revolutionary noise reduction circuitry that is called ‘Never Connected’.

Although the regulation circuit is physically connected to the incoming mains, it is disconnected electrically. A monitoring circuit detects the portion of the sine wave that is charging the first of a pair of electrolytic capacitors. Once this first capacitor is fully charged, the diode bridge rectifier turns off and a MOSFET switching circuit transfers the charge from the first cap to the second. This cycle is repeated continuously.

At no point in time is the regulation circuitry electrically connected to the incoming rectified mains – hence the term ‘Never Connected’. The overall result is a large and measurable reduction in mains borne noise.

This dramatic reduction of mains borne noise enables the Dino phono circuit to give of its very best. As with the ‘Dino+’ PSU power is delivered to the phono stage via a 4 way PTFE insulated, silver plated copper lead. This lead is upgrade-able to our High |Performance Lead

Tech Specs

- Output voltage: -0V - +22Vdc, 0V - -22Vdc
- Output current: +/- 0.5 amps dc
- Mains: 3 Pin IEC moulded (socket on rear)
- Mains Voltage: 230Vac (110Vac USA/Jap)
- Dimensions (WDH): 117 x 190 x 55mm
- Material: Dark acrylic to match Dino case

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