Audio Detail NV-08 Nuvistor Phono Stage


Model: Moving Coil
Colour: Black


The Audio Detail NV-08 Nuvistor phono stage is a new 4 Nuvistor design with a further 4 triodes aimed at users who love the valve phono stage sound, but wish for something slightly more special, offering a lower noise threshold, but with a fast and lively sound.

Built by hand in Great Malvern, UK, the NV-08 is all point to point wiring with the components mounted on a plated copper substrate and plus a traditional Point to Point 4 triode output stage. Audio Detail have designed the output stage to use 6N6 double triodes, with the option of rolling to 6N1 or 6922, ECC88 variants. They use paper in oil(PIO) and silver mica capacitors in the 2 stage passive filters With high quality German Audyn capacitors in the output.

Nuvistors are special valves designed in the late 1950s with the aim of combating the rise of transistors within electronics. They are particularly good at VHF and some for GHz frequencies and are as small as possible(smaller than a thimble). This means they are a lower noise valve, running at a lower voltage with lower internal capacitance than conventional valves. This all results in a clean and detailed sound, therefore extracting so much more from your vinyl. Every NV-08 has an internal linear power supply, employing two R core transformers, with the complete power supply heavily shielded to minimise any potential PSU hum and stray magnetic affects.

The NV-08 offers both MM and MC inputs with Mono facility for both inputs. Audio Detail use Silver RCA sockets and Silver/Teflon wire for an optimal signal path.

The NV-08 is available with black or silver front panels, and for an extra charge a lacquered hard wood front panel. Please get in touch to discuss if you would like a model with the wood panel.




Moving Magnet: 2.0-5.0 mV into 47K and 200 pf (can be specified at the time of order to suit your cartridge).

Moving coil: 0.2-0.5 mV into 100 Ohms


Nominal 400mV into 50K at full gain.

Power consumption approximately 12 watts

Mains input: 230VAC on IEC connector

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