Denon RCD-M41 micro hifi system, with Christmas ornaments on top of it.
Whether it be your main hifi or a bedroom system or something on which to listen to the radio in the kitchen, the iconic Denon micro system has been around for more than 20 years, even longer than I have been in the industry, and with each passing iteration it has got better and better. 
It now boasts a respectable 30W per channel - good enough to drive most sensibly-priced speakers, from the Dali Spektor 1 (£160) up to the Blue Aura PS40 LE (£499)  - and it’s good enough that you can easily appreciate the benefits of the better speakers.
The Denon is no one-trick-pony either. It comes with CD player, DAB+ and FM radio, and Bluetooth connectivity.  It has 2 x optical inputs for your TV and your streamer, amongst other things. And it has an analogue input for you to connect an appropriate turntable, such as the Blackline PG1 (£249).
The trusty little Denon will never leave you feeling without in terms of its performance. It’s good fun to listen to and easy to use; you will have yourself listening to music within just a few minutes and find yourself foot-tapping along to your favourite tunes. It may not be the highest of hifi quality but it never ceases to give you a great performance in what it’s trying to do.
If you know someone who has been looking around for a great little hifi that will bring hours of fun then, because it’s so sensibly priced (£319), it even makes a great Christmas present for someone. 
The Denon Micro systems have been the king of their particular hill for many years and this one is in no danger of losing its crown. If you would like to hear one then let us know.

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